Car parks frustrate me and why!

  1. I enviably end up parking on the top floor of a car park looking for a large space and to avoid parking next to concrete bollards.
  2. Driving down from the top floor – everybody on the floors below always seems to want to leave at the same time.
  3. Lifts that don’t work – that’s OK walking down but going up with bags of shopping is difficult.
  4. Even when parked within my own bay the person who parks next to me often parks incredibly close to the driver’s door necessitating a deep breath and squeeze to get into my car. (I am a rather large chap).
  5. Getting to the pre-payment machine only to find it’s either not working, I have no change, or it requires me to enter my registration number, which as a dyslexic I can never remember. I now carry an old tax disc in my wallet to counter that problem.
  6. Finding that the ticket I purchased blew off the dashboard when I closed the driver’s door and I get ticketed for not paying.
  7. Thinking I will only be an hour when it turns out I was much longer and get ticketed.
  8. People who park across two bays should be made to pay twice.
  9. Barriers that stop working just as I get to them.
  10. The one that really annoys me – the driver of a much bigger car than my tiny Micra successfully parking first time in a tiny space I couldn’t get into.