Trick or treat (No Thanks)

I know that I risk the wrath of many who think trick or treating is harmless fun. If only it was harmless fun, but it’s not.

The message ‘Trick or Treat’ in reality means “Pay the Ransom or suffer the consequences.”

OK, the consequences might only be a smashed egg or flour over your driveway or car, hardly the crime of the century, but that smashed egg or spilt flour still needs cleaning up.

Are we really encouraging reasonable behaviour in our children by teaching them to threaten homeowners with disruption unless they paid a tribute? Sound awfully like blackmail to me.

OK, blackmail is a serious criminal offence and eggs and flour doesn’t qualify as Blackmail but being on the receiving end of half a dozen smashed eggs against my wall and flour on my car roof is not nice. If kids were doing this every night of the week there would be uproar and yet for some reason, we not only condone it once a year many parents actually support, it.

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